Parrot Bluetooth – Hands Free Phone KitParrot_IMG_37_RT

The Hands-Free Phone Kit offers complete keypad, sound and vision user interface similar to fully integrated OE phones. It’s a quality product with a multitude of features that make mobile phone use far easier. The kit has universal applications and works with most Bluetooth-enabled brands of cell phones, and integrates with most vehicle audio systems.

Parrot’s Hands-Free Phone Kit helps people drive with more comfort and convenience. Using Bluetooth® wireless technology, it links cell phone functions to the vehicle. The cell phone’s visual display is replaced by an easy-to-see LCD console on the dash, and the sound is routed through the vehicle’s audio system. Voice recognition and a number of other advanced calling features are also added.

The Kit Includes:parrot_bluetooth

  • Console: Compact unit mounts easily on the dash and features a user-friendly LCD display
  • Control Box: This box is the electronic heart of the system and mounts under the dash
  • Microphone: Mounts above the rear view mirror to pick up driver or passenger voices
  • Power & Audio Wiring: For power, microphone and audio/mute connections
  • Mounting Accessories: For the microphone and console


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